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CDAP and its plugins are under the Apache2 License. When including a project as a dependency of CDAP itself or of one of its plugins, care must be taken to only use code that have licenses that are just as permissive.

In general, this means only "Notice" license types are allowed. The license must allow original or modified third-party software to be shipped in the product without endangering or encumbering the source code. Some examples of these types of licenses are:

All of the licenses in this category do, however, have an "original Copyright notice" or "advertising clause", wherein any external distributions must include the notice or clause specified in the license. This means they must be included in the CDAP distribution (

In particular, "restricted" licenses cannot be used. These licenses require mandatory source distribution when shipping a product that includes third-party code protected by such a license. Also, any use of source code under licenses of this type will force all of CDAP to fall under the restricted license. Some examples of these licenses are:

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